Bookplates in the News, A Run of the First Eighty-Six Issues, 1970-1991, with 243 Tipped-In Bookplates [American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers]

Straight run of 86 issues. Loose leaf, 21.6 by 27.9 cm, 936 pp. (cumulative pagination), illus. The first three issues have staples or staple-holes and a few pencil marks, the last sheet (p. 935/6) has some creases and yellowing; the remaining issues are fine or near fine. The official newsletter of the ASBC&D, BIN provided information “about bookplates, their artists and illustrators, bookplate owners, and bookplate exhibits, as well as including reviews of the literature on bookplates and annotated bibliographical references.” Issues were apparently printed as needed, and since there were at times not enough plates to tip-in to the entire run – especially in later issues when membership was in the 200’s – the tipped-in examples may differ from copy to copy. This set, from the collection of Frederick Ruffner, the publisher behind Detroit’s Gale Research Group, and whose original bookplate is tipped-in on p. 246, is presumably the original from which Gale’s edition of Bookplates in the News was assembled (see item no. XXXX). Individual copies of this newsletter are quite scarce, and this set includes twenty-six issues not found in the Gale edition. Dated material, such as exchange lists and Society events, are kept to a minimum, making BIN a wonderful bibliographic resource for bookplate collectors – especially the artist and collector bios. Issue one, a modest one-page affair, is stapled to a short typed, signed letter from Arellanes to Mr. Ruffner and a mimeographed letter to the ASBC&D membership. BIN quickly grew to ten to sixteen pages per issue. Included in its pages are 243 original tipped-in bookplates (16 are pencil signed), as well as several tipped-in reproductions. Most of the plates were designed by member artists or are personal or institutional plates belonging to members or member libraries or universities. The artists who designed the tipped-in plates include Sara Eugenia Blake, Fred Thompson, Anthony F. Kroll, Philip Reed, Enrico Vannaccini, Kirk Martin, Wojchech Jakubowski, James Hayes, Robert Hill, Pall Bohne, Fridolf Johnson, Werner R. Eilers, Leo Sarkadi, Vytautas Virkau, William Cheney, Ryozo Hirakata, Mitsuomi Furutate, Bela Petry, Paul McPharlin, Henrietta Vepstas, Sarah Chamberlain, Wang Hui-Ming, Marshall Glasier, Maxwell Hamilton Noll, Joy Weygand, Hilda Wiseman, Jurgen Dost, Anatolij Kalashnikow, Simon Brett, Hewitt R. Jackson, Vincas Kisarauskas, Klaus Rodel, Marjorie Dichieson, Herman Zapf, Clare Leighton, Phil Dike, Guillermo Serrano, Chev. T. Alan Keith-Hill, Anthony Euwer, Joseph Soaditis, Pam G. Rueter, Vladas Zilius, Enid M. Chadwick, Moskal Tibor, Hans Michael Bungter, Edmund Peter, Jacques Hnizdovsky, Harold Smalley, Robert A. Hawley, Mary Alice Ercolini, Egdon margo, Leo Wyatt, Calvin Brazelton, Luther Hoffmann, Bernhardt Wall, Dennis Doonan, Melody Johnson Morey, Kieko Tsurusawa, Jacqueline Polster, Abel Lee Scott Bond, John H. Stone, Derek Riley, Anita Bigelow, Meredith Lightbown, Beulah Mitchell Clute, Robert Hawley, Linda Saucier, Lou Strik, Anneke Kuiper, Alfred Gauda, Dominque Paulus, Akihisa Nakano, Anita Grossman, W. Branks Stewart, Pencho Koulekov, Christian Blaesbjerg, Frank-Ivo Van Damme, José Reyes Felix, Mary E. Rath-Merrill with W.F. Hopson, Eugen F. Strobel-Matza, Jo Erich Kuhn, Antonio Grimaldi, Henry Sandham, Yoshiaki Hara, and Yvonne de Vries, as well as a few vintage plates and several plates whose designers are not mentioned or are unknown. Also included is an index for issues 31-34. NOTE: Due to the weight of this collection, additional postage will be required for orders outside of the Unites States. (os)

Title: Bookplates in the News, A Run of the First Eighty-Six Issues, 1970-1991, with 243 Tipped-In Bookplates [American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers]

Author Name: Arellanes, Audrey Spencer, ed., American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers (ABBC&D)

Categories: Bookplates (Ex Libris),

Publisher: Pasadena, Alhambra, CA, American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers/Audrey Spencer Arellanes: July 1970 – October 1991

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition: Near Fine

Seller ID: 2065