Punk Magazine No. 8, March 1977 [Sex Pistols cover]

No. 8, March 1977. Staple-bound wraps, 21.5 by 27.5 cm, 37 (3) pp., illus. Very good with very light cover wear, a “D” sticker and mailing label (to Frank Rose at Oui Magazine – Rose was a staff writer at Oui, Rolling Stone, etc.) on the front cover. Debuting in December 1975, this is the magazine that named the movement.6 Punk’s unique mixture of music, cartoons and art not only gave voice to a new generation of teens and trouble-makers, it, along with CBGBs, built an industry for the musicians. When the Ramones started attracting record company attention, Jon Savage tells us, “it was partly due to Punk’s successful translation of CBGBs into a package that record executives […] could readily understand.”7 What’s so fascinating about Punk is that it’s actually good. Music journals are often all style and no substance, or vice versa, and punk mags are no exception. Punk related to its readers so well because the magazine’s staff were punks – even if they didn’t know it yet – and the publication was a defining waypoint in the evolution of punk rock. This issue includes the Ramones, Legs’ interview with Hitler (fake), Mary Harron’s interview with Johnny Rotten (real), The Tubes, The Fast, and Willie “Loco” Alexander, as well as letters, essays, lots of cartoons, and Steve Taylor’s wonderful Sex Pistols cover. $150.00 First Edition.

Title: Punk Magazine No. 8, March 1977 [Sex Pistols cover]

Author Name: Holstrom, John; Eddy “Legs” McNeil, eds.; Ged Dunn, publisher

Categories: Music, Punk,

Publisher: New York, Punk Magazine: 1977

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition: Very Good

Seller ID: 2368