72 1970-Era Religious Tracts from the Union Gospel Press

Tracts are not dated, but the mailing envelope is dated Sept. 24, 1970. 72 different tracts, 9 by 13.7 cm, 2 to 28 pages each, includes the original mailing label and “sample pack” slip. Most are in very good to near fine condition with only some light wrinkles here and there. One has some skinning along eh bottom edge of the front panel, and another has three tiny, rust-colored holes near the top of the front panel (presumably from the brass fastener on the mailing envelope. Not as entertaining or accessible as the infamous Chic tracts, the Union Gospel Press focused heavily on Bible quotes that were loosely framed on a short, simplistic storyline, at times only faintly related to the dramatic cover graphics like “125-Pound Hailstones Are Coming,” “Too Late!” with an airplane engulfed in flames,” and “Asleep” with a group of vampire bats flying towards the reader. A scarce “sample pack” of tracts that were once commonly found posted and tucked away on bus seats, library shelves, barber shops, etc.

Title: 72 1970-Era Religious Tracts from the Union Gospel Press

Author Name: Union Gospel Press; Stanley Baldwin; Walter B. Knight; David K. Lynch; Anna Yarbrough, et al.

Categories: Religion,

Publisher: Cleveland, OH, Union Gospel Press: nd

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition: Very Good

Seller ID: 2734